How Bible-Based Money Management™ Seminars
Will Change Your Financial Practice- Forever!

If Christian investors and financial advisors could work together from a Biblical perspective, lives and hearts would prosper as well as investments. Now they can— thanks to Bible Based Money Management™ Seminars. This inspiring three-session course unites Christian financial planners with churches and their congregations as never before.

Money prompts some of the biggest dilemnas faced by Christian families. Christian financial planners have the opportunity to not only help solve these dilemnas, but to do so from a Biblical perspective: Bible Based Money Management™ Seminars allow Christian financial professionals to fulfill both. Advisors who use BBMMS address not only the needs of churches and church families, but their own need to serve the Lord through their careers.

Imagine a financial community filled with the love of God— Christian advisors and families working from a Biblical perspective. That awesome vision is suddenly a reality. Bible Based Money Management™ Seminars places God at the forefront of financial planning, for everyone's benefit.


This system comes complete with student workbooks, instructor's manual and matching overheads, proven marketing materials, plus custom software and a comprehensive training program. Over 150 professional planners are successfully using this system nation-wide!


Seminar covers all aspects of money management, everything from the basics to debt management, mutual funds, annuities and life insurance, to tithing, gifting, and retirement planning.

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